Steven Seppinni Compensation Plan Consultant

Steven began writing compensation plans professionally in 2000.

Two years prior John a friend of his who is a comp plan expert started having multiple comp plan conversations with John who became his comp plan mentor.

They had 100’s of hours of conversations over the next few years.

Prior to this Steven was a lease manager for a Toyota dealership. He had to calculate which bank or finance company to sell the lease contract to in order to maximize the dealers profit. This required advanced math skills.

He left the car business to broker sales of office and apartment buildings. Which requires not only sales skills but strong math and logic reasoning skills when dealing in multi-million-dollar investment property sales.

At first his conversations with John was due to Steven’s interest in learning something new that required logic, math, and psychology to create compensation structures.

Compensation plans dictate behavior, so the psychology built into the comp structure plays a role in getting people to do more transactions in order be rewarded financially
as much as possible.

John his mentor was offered to write a comp plan for a company but was already over committed time wise. So he referred Steven. The client hired Steven and that became the start of Steven writing comp plans professionally over 20 years ago.

Steven has had clients from a Wall Street hedge fund, direct sales companies, network marketing companies, and from SaaS, coaching, and like companies that want a dynamic affiliate program.

When Steven writes a comp plan he takes his 20 plus years of experience to design a plan specific to the client, so they achieve their desired results.

Fee Structure

The investment to hire Steven is only $20,000.00.

This way there’s no inflated per hour fee, add-on fees, or any surprise fees.

You as the client get a compensation plan custom to your needs.

Every client gets a one-off plan because every client has different margins, cultures, and products that all need to be considered in the process.

Business Marketing

Steven can help you structure your offers, product lineup, marketing, pricing, and branding. Fees begin at $10,000.00

Steven writes direct response marketing copy for lead generation, sales, and website copy. He writes copy for lead capture and explainer videos.

Fees vary depending on what’s needed.

To contact Steven go back to his main page and fill out the form at the bottom of the page.