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No One Has Ever Accused Steven of Thinking Small

Steven Seppinni

Steven Seppinni AKA the Marketing Maestro
Marketing is Everything & Everything is Marketing

Les Brown Branded Steven…

Les Brown the motivational speaker when calling Steven would say…

“Hello this is Les Brown; may I speak to Americas Next Billionaire?

Les said it in a friendly tone of humor.  Steven and Les would chuckle and get on with their conversation.

Les Brown is famous for saying.  “You Have Greatness in You!”

Steven is a lifelong salesman, marketer, and entrepreneur.   

As you’ll read in the below testimonials, he has added value to many successful entrepreneurs.

He has developed online marketing systems that have generated millions of opt ins, personally sold over 1000 cars (one at a time), sold apartment buildings, and has built sales teams with millions in sales.

A skilled communicator, speaker, copywriter, and strategic marketer.

At 11 years old (1969) he would go to Doormen in NYC and offer to go to the deli to get them coffee and a danish for a tip.  A Doorman needs to stay at the building, so having someone go get them food was a needed service. Steven essentially created the UberEats/DoorDash business model some 30+ years before they came into existence.

At 16 (1974) he thought up the idea for a check guarantee system where retail stores would be connected to banks by computer to ensure a check was good.  He shared the idea with his father who said it wouldn’t work.

That idea became a multi-billion-dollar industry.

His first online marketing system went live June of 2003, by years end over 1 million people had opted into his system.

What’s even more amazing is that Steven’s database of people he had email addresses for was only around 30 people.  Since his first system, millions more have opted into various online marketing systems Steven has created.

Steven writes all his own copy, as has mastered the art & science of crafting compelling copy that inspires people to act.

Steven is the Founder/CEO of, which is a crypto focused social network.

Only 4% of the 8 billion people on the planet own any cryptocurrency.  The need for a singular platform to engage and educate people on crypto is enormous.

Bitzili is designed to become the world’s largest knowledge base of everything crypto.

Endorsements & Testimonials From Proven Business People

When I was promoting my first best seller The Mirror Test Steven immediately jumped in to help me promote the book.  Though I may have bribed him with a steak dinner Steven’s actions came with no strings attached.  I know I can count on him now and in the future to take devise and meaningful action.

Jeffrey Hayzlett

Primetime Television Host – Chairman of the C-Suite Network

Steven Seppinni is a man on the move. Always moving forward. Moving businesses up. Moving the world to a better place. If you are in need of movement towards your goals or objectives work with Steven Seppinni.

Michael R. Drew

Co-Author Pendulum, CEO of Promote-A-Book, Has Promoted 94 Consecutive New York Times Best-Selling Books

Steven Seppinni is knowledgeable, approachable and an outstanding resource for business across so many platforms.  I love that he knows how to listen but when he does speak, he can help grow your business, connect you to all the right people and solve problems by thinking outside the box!

Forbes Riley

Celebrity TV host, Health & Wellness Expert, CEO SpinGym

Steven has an inherent gift of genius when it comes to inspiring others to greatness, including myself.  I have relied on Steven’s insights to help guide many of my entrepreneurial endeavors.  I fully support and endorse Steven to everyone, everywhere.

Les Brown

World Renowned Motivational Speaker.

Steven not only helped me become a NY Times best selling author he has assisted me in building my brand and name recognition so that I’m now a guest expert for both Fox and CNN.  Steven’s always there to support me in my endeavors and I’m forever grateful.

Robert Shemin

NY Times best selling author and wealth expert.

The more I get to know Steven The more I admire his abilities to mass market like a Master Captain navigates the seas.  While winds and currents constantly shift Steven adapts in an uncanny fashion as if it were just second nature.

Kevin Harrington

 Infomercial legend, owner & former Star of Shark Tank.

When I reached out for advice on a thorny challenge I was facing, Steven stepped up and gave me exactly the advice I needed.  Thanks, Steven.

Robert Allen

NY Times Best Seller Author

Steven is a Maverick business builder with a win/win attitude. He has the unique ability to spot the opportunity within the opportunity and create game changing strategies for companies and the people he works with.

Gil Ortega

Internet Entrepreneur

Dr. David Vik

Steven is a serial entrepreneur and is always thinking of ways to create solutions for many different businesses, markets and industries. He also has an inherent gift that simplifies the process. Steven should help you take it to the “Next Level

Dr. David Vik

Founder/Author – The Culture Secret

Steven Seppinni’s mistakes are more important than the certitudes of his partners. He’s the biggest thinker I’ve ever met and when you’re done discussing a launch or new campaign with him, what you felt was impossible is now astonishingly doable.  

Steven’s clear and candid communication style works really well especially during times of crisis. I trust him implicitly in personal and professional dealing and I’ll call him my friend for as long as I’m breathing.

Alex Mandossian

CEO & Founder

Being the Co-Founder of SANG, a premier thought leader conference, I collaborate with, and have access to world-renowned leaders, marketers, NY Times best selling authors and visionaries.

I have depended on Steven’s insights on a multitude of projects to help develop winning marketing and business strategies. Given the depth of my Rolodex this speaks volumes about Steven’s outstanding abilities.

Larry Benet

Co-Founder SANG

Steven is the type of person you rarely find-the outsider looking in. If Plan A does not work then there is a Plan B then Plan C. Suddenly you wake up to a plan that actually works in the real world. Steven does not give up and stays by your side until you get what you bargained for. Could you ask for any more in today’s world.

Gary Spirer

Best selling author and Entrepreneur

These Testimonials & Endorsements From Super Successful People Are A Testament To Steven's Ability To Create Solutions That Matter

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